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Retail is Dead; Long Live Retail: A Study on Evolving Your Business Alongside Your Industry

Reading some of the articles surrounding the current state of retail, I can’t help but think of that old ‘The king is dead! Long live the king!’ saying you hear in movies whenever a historical monarch passes. Given the fairly recent news of Toys R Us filing for bankruptcy protection, and the earlier bankruptcies of major retailers such as Payless and Radio Shack, it’s easy to see why many believe retail is dying. Of course, retail as a whole isn’t dying. Parents still buy toys for their children. People still wear shoes. Devices still need doodads to connect to other devices. (Yes, Radio Shack escaped bankruptcy a few years ago by partnering with Sprint and focusing on cell phones, but cell phones still require doodads of their own.) The reason why these long-established companies are going bankrupt is because retail has evolved, and these companies have failed to evolve alongside...

Episode 001 – Happy Trails (Sonia Kurmey of Touchstone Travel)

Episode 001 – Sonia Kurmey of Touchstone Incentive Travel & Promotions. Sonia ran a successful travel agency for 20 years. She sold the business a few years ago, but not before the advent of the Internet, and the shifting trends towards online self-serve. In this episode, we boil it down to the business philosophy that helped her to keep competitive–and even thrive–in the face of the ‘digital revolution’. If you have any comments, suggestions, or feedback, leave a comment, give us a rating, or shoot me an email at . Theme by Boogie Belgique – If you like it, check them out and support them!