Marketing without a strategy is like playing poker in a blindfold.
Sure, you might win by chance every now and again, but in the end it will only lose you money.

For your marketing dollar to be truly effective, you need to take into account your customers. Your competition. Your target demographic. Your own company’s unique selling points. And, perhaps most importantly, your marketing efforts need to work hand-in-hand with each other, making sure that they build off of one another, rather than fighting against each other.

We have the strategic resources to build you a solid marketing plan, and the creative resources to execute that plan to perfection.

Brand Strategy

Strategy is an extremely important element in branding. With proper strategic analysis, we can make certain that your new brand (or revitalized brand, as the case may be) takes all elements of your business and marketplace into account, ensuring that your new branding resonates with your customers and stands out from your competition.

Once your new brand is in place, we’ll help you plan and execute a full deployment effort through press releases and awareness campaigns.

Integrated Campaigns

While a solid campaign can be great on its own, a well-planned, well-targeted campaign can significantly increase the effectiveness of all its components.

We’ll help you choose the mediums that work best for your target demographic, and orchestrate a campaign that will work in concert with all its elements to promote a consistent, unified goal. Once the campaign has been planned, we’ll oversee the execution, making sure it performs like a well-oiled machine.

Social Media

A successful social media campaign is run with sincerity and purpose. This is why we refuse to directly manage social media campaigns: Your social media feed will, in most cases, reflect a professional aspect of your business, such as service or advice. These require that your poster to be intimately familiar with your business and industry, especially when dealing with fast-response mediums such as Twitter.

We’ll help you formulate a strategy: Guidelines to keep your posts on-brand, a plan to help you generate useful content, and a schedule that can be realistically maintained with your available manpower.

Content Strategy

Search engine algorithms have been leaning towards dynamic content (meaning frequently updated sites, such as blogs and articles) for years now. This is actually a good thing: Dynamic content not only gets your site in the search engines, but also provides articles of genuine value to your visitors.

We can help you out as much as you need, starting an editorial calendar to keep your site active, providing research to assess topic demand, training to your staff on laying out posts, or even finding a copy editor or ghostwriter familiar with your field.

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