Online & Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-Per-Click is an exceptionally powerful marketing tool. It allows you to reach virtually any demographic, no matter how small or obscure that might be. What’s better is that payment for the auctions themselves are only due if your campaign performs.

So why do you need us?

Without getting into too much detail about how AdWords auctions work, the simplified version is this: Your bidding power is multiplied by your quality. The more optimized your campaign, the better its performance. The better its performance, the less you have to pay per click. The less you have to pay, the more bidding power you have.

Our Google AdWords Certified PPC experts will build and manage your campaigns to get the most power from your marketing dollar.

Not sure if AdWords is right for your business? Our inaugural blog post should help you decide.

Google AdWords

AdWords Search Advertising

While this service is last in the logical order of things, it is so powerful, and holds so much potential, that dedicated our inaugural blog post to it.

In brief, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is an excellent way to reach a precision-targeted group of potential customers. AdWords advertising can be used to essentially purchase a result at the top of certain search engine results, which is particularly useful for new websites who haven’t yet generated the authority to rise in the rankings, or marketing and micro-sites with a limited amount of all-static content.

Banners & Display Advertising

Display campaigns can vary widely in nature. Awareness, product & sale promotions, and brand engagement each demand a very different and specialized strategy.

The effectiveness of a banner campaign boils down to three things: Targeting, Design, and Management. We’ll assess your requirements and profile your target audience, design several variations that support your brand, message, and target, and use testing & analytics to make that campaign run as smoothly as possible.

banner ads

AdWords Starter Packages for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses


To make the transition easy, we’ve assembled a variety of packages to help you get your foot in the door with AdWords. If you’ve got a website, these starter packages provide everything you need for a successful campaign, as well as regular performance reports, all at a manageable monthly rate.

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