Branding is a concept that wears many hats. It’s your company image. Your look and feel. Your logo. Your identity. It dictates how well your customers remember you. How easily they recognize you. What people think of when they hear your name or see your logo.

Branding is perhaps the most important aspect of a business. And while it’s easy to crank out a logo and call it a day, it requires consistent reinforcement to be effective. This means consistency and repetition in all aspects of your business. It means signage. Business cards. Stationery. Branded promotional items.

Our professional designers, writers, and strategists will make sure that your branding is fresh, consistent, and professional.

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Brand Identity

Who are you? As an individual, as a business, and as an institution? How do you present yourself? Brand Identity is the emotional connection that brings you to the top of your clients’ minds when they think of your products or services, and includes not only logos and stationery, but everything associate with your business.

Fleshed-out, thought-out, stand-out branding is the simplest way to set yourself apart from the competition.

Promotional Materials

Promotional items can be distributed as hand-outs for new customers, loyaltay rewards to favoured customers, or even used as incentives for partners or high-performing employees. Literally anything with enough surface area to support your brandmark can be used as a promotional item, from pens to tools to high-end electronics.

We’ll help you find the perfect item that suits your business, your budget, your needs, your industry, and your intended recipients. We’ll make certain that your items are useful, relevant, and well-branded to remind your recipients of you for a long time.

Corporate Identity

As a company grows, your brand will be represented by more employees. Each variation, deviation, or alteration from the standard will compromise uniformity, undermining your brand as a whole. However, this same growth also makes it more difficult to provide oversight on how the brand is used.

Corporate Identity packages solve this with formally written guidelines explaining not only how to use visual elements of the brand identity, but can also include pitches, statements, and guidelines to help representatives to promote a unified version of your company.

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