What have we done?

BR Cook Psychological Services & Associates

Bruce Cook Psychological Services & Associates is a new venture in a highly competitive market. As such, we wanted to make sure to hit the ground running with a unique, professional brand, a comprehensive awareness campaign, and some truly unique promo materials to make sure his brand stands out in peoples’ minds for years to come.

BR Cook Psychological Services & AssociatesBrand Identity

BR Cook Psychological Services & Associates was a unique project in that we weren’t working from a baseline; this was a completely new brand. We worked with the client to find an image, font, and colour palate that both suits his philosophy of ‘helping our clients find their path to mental wellness’ while keeping a tone that was calming, informal, and approachable.

BR Cook Psychological Services & Associates websiteWebsite

For the website, we wanted something that was informative, intuitive, and approachable. We worked with the client to organize their information, helping them to identify their core audiences and build a content strategy to reach them.

Finally, we worked to integrate their online booking system, allowing current and prospective clients to manage their own bookings, and continue to work with them to provide regular blog posts helping both current and future clients to deal with psychological stresses.

Would you like to see it in action? We invite you to explore the website for yourself.

Promotional Stress Balls

For our launch announcement, we wanted something that was unique, useful, and relevant to our industry. To help raise brand awareness among nearby general practitioners and personal injury firms, we created a stress ball with the client’s branding, tagline, website, email address, and phone number.

BR Cook PSA brochureBrochures

In addition to our stress balls, we designed and wrote a brochure and included a press release, both of which explain who BR Cook Psychological Services & Associates are, what they do, their core philosophy, their areas of practice, and so forth.

Referral PadsPrescription-Style Referral Pads

To facilitate referrals while reinforcing brand identity, we have designed ‘referral pads’ that are modeled after pharmaceutical prescription pads.

These serve a number of functions, including providing the patient with location and contact information, providing the therapist with some background information on the patient, reinforcing the brand, and conveying an additional layer of healthcare professionalism through their design.

BR Cook StationeryStationery Package

To keep brand consistency across all of the client’s mediums, we developed a standard branded stationery pack including business cards, letterhead, and mailing envelopes. These pieces prominently featured the unique branding, further establishing the client’s identity with each piece of correspondence.