What have we done?


BR Cook Psychological Services & Associates

Bruce Cook Psychological Services & Associates is a new venture in a highly competitive market. As such, we wanted to make sure to hit the ground running with a unique, professional brand, a comprehensive awareness campaign, and some truly unique promo materials to make sure his brand stands out in peoples’ minds for years to come.

Canadian Credit Union Association (CCUA)

Since late 2017, we have been helping the CCUA with various materials for their Cusource continuing education program. For this program, we took content that had been written and modified by financial professionals, and performed an intensive line edit to improve the flow and ensure clarity throughout the various modules. Course Content We provided editing services for a number of modules of Cusource learning materials that consisted of a number of materials, including PowerPoint presentations, participant workbooks, and facilitator guides. Course Outlines In addition to the materials required for the courses themselves, we helped the CCUA prepare course overviews for distribution among their members. Video Scripts We have written a series of short video scripts teaching basic cybersecurity practices to CCUA members. A sample video is embedded below; all three videos can be found on the CCUA Cybersafe website.