Episode 001 – Happy Trails (Sonia Kurmey of Touchstone Travel)

Episode 001 – Sonia Kurmey of Touchstone Incentive Travel & Promotions. Sonia ran a successful travel agency for 20 years. She sold the business a few years ago, but not before the advent of the Internet, and the shifting trends towards online self-serve. In this episode, we boil it down to the business philosophy that helped her to keep competitive–and even thrive–in the face of the ‘digital revolution’. If you have any comments, suggestions, or feedback, leave a comment, give us a rating, or shoot me an email at . Theme by Boogie Belgique – If you like it, check them out and support them!

Episode 000 – Welcome to Bizical Education

Welcome to Bizical Education, the podcast where we discuss the challenges of running a business with long-time business owners. This isn’t an actual episode–this is just a lead-in explaining the concept, and what I’d like to do with it. So, I suppose technically the preamble would be “Interviewing the owner of Precision Impact and host of Bizical Education”. I just breeze over my own qualifications (instead of the challenges of running a business), so if that doesn’t particularly interest you, please feel free to jump over to Episode 1.