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One of the greatest accomplishments of the digital age has been the introduction of accessible multimedia. Where you once needed expensive equipment and access to distribution networks, nowadays you can produce original video content over your phone and post it instantly. However, with the tools now accessible to everyone, quality becomes that much more important.

We’ll make sure that your digital promotional media is desirable, shareable, and ready for the digital world.

Video is More Accessible than Ever

There are a number of types of promotional video: pre-roll advertisement, branded content, safety and instructional videos, and so on. Technology has driven the base production costs on video way down, but it’s also driven up the importance of quality: You need your videos to stand out, through clever writing, quality production, and powerful messaging.

Video technology has also driven down the attention spans of viewers. You often have only a few seconds to capture your audience’s attention, and holding that attention can be a struggle. An effective video must be carefully planned out.

Audio Marketing is Evolving As Well

In the past, radio has been an easy way to reach very specific demographics, from within a highly localized geographical area. And while radio still remains king in many offices, workshops, waiting rooms, and commutes, many listeners have been shifting to digital devices for their personal needs, through streaming radio and podcasts—and so has audio advertising. Most podcasts have only a handful of sponsors, and podcast sponsorship allows you to reach extremely specific niche markets.

Whether you’re advertising ‘on the air’ or ‘through the cloud’, our job is to make sure that your audio advertising is clear, clever, ear-catching, and engaging.

Presentations & Slideshows: Persuasion In-Person

Speaking engagements can be a great way to establish yourself as an authority in a number of environments. Networking events, industry conventions, and trade shows often have key speakers and discussion panels, public announcements and press conferences are often used in conjunction with major announcements, and many industries require regular presentations to major clients or board members.

We can help you to create or revise and improve your script, your multimedia components, and any educational take-away materials your presentation requires.

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