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An intelligent, accessible, authoritative website makes you look like an intelligent, accessible, authoritative business. How do you think a poorly written website makes you look?

For most businesses, an impressive web presence is absolutely vital. Over 75% of customers will search for a new business online before stepping foot inside a store, which means your website is your first substantial impression.

Your website needs to reflect not only your business, but your position within your industry. What may be deemed appropriate and advisable will vary from one industry to another, but there is one constant that applies to design, copy, and concept alike: It needs to be professional.


Blogs Written for More than SEO Robots

The rules of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are constantly changing, but most of the changes over the past six-plus years have stressed the importance of regularly-updated content as a major contributing factor to being found.

While it is often tempting to go the cheap-and-easy route to ‘tick the box’ in your SEO checklist, you must always remember: Even if it’s being written for SEO, it’s going to be read by humans. Ideally, not only will it improve your SEO score to make your homepage rank higher on the search engines, but your content itself will be shared—which makes your content the first point of contact you have with many prospects.

Your blog content, much like the rest of your brand literature, needs to be high-quality, accessible, meaningful, and accurate. We can generate professional quality content, either by helping you to spruce up your own posts, or by writing that content on your behalf.

Web Copy that Tells a Story

Web content should be more than just a list of services or technical specs of products. Businesses stand out by expressing a personality that appeals to their particular clientele—caring, friendly, efficient, dedicated, fun, professional, and so forth.

Making this subjective personality shine through your copy can be very difficult, particularly for those who tend to think more about the more objective aspects of your business or industry. We can work with you to determine what sort of unique personality accurately reflects you and your business, and help you to deliver that personality in every word of copy that you publish.

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