Copy Services

Your copy is the voice of your company. Your marketing and web content often represent the first time a visitor is exposed to your brand. Your educational materials are used to both enlighten and persuade. We specialize in providing copy for industries in which quality is particularly important, providing a full suite of copy services, and helping to facilitate access to ancillary services.

Blogs & Online Content

web content

Many people make the common mistake of writing blogs and web content for search engines. And while it is important that your copy is visible to the Google search robots, you must remember that the reader is ultimately going to be a human.
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Educational/White Papers

Various reports

When it comes to technical industries, quality educational materials are extremely important. White papers for board members, presentation folders for prospective clients, and information packets for current clients all require specialized writing.
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Print Media

Print materials

Print marketing can be an effective way to reach a very specific audience–but it can also be quite costly. To ensure that you’re getting your money’s worth, you are going to want to make sure that every element of it speaks to your brand in a professional way.
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Branding & Short Copy

Fountain pen

They say that brevity is the soul of wit. What they neglect to mention is that being witty can be a very laborious affair. Short copy is about packing a massive amount of nuance about your brand, your products, your philosophy, and your vision, into a single name or pithy tagline.
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Multimedia Scripts

Old CB radio

Nothing captivates quite like sound and motion. We’ll help you discover engaging concepts and write & produce scripts for radio ads, pre-roll commercials, viral video campaigns, trade videos, and training videos.
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Additional Services

collaboration station

Most projects require more than just a writer. While we do not provide the services internally, we can help you to coordinate with designers, developers, printers, social media strategists, and more.
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