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Do As I Say: How New Business Owners (like me) Shoot Themselves In The Foot

It’s like the cobbler’s children going without shoes: As of the first draft of this article, Precision Impact has only had a social media presence for about a week. This despite a launch in February of this year—a full quarter earlier. I knew how powerful a tool inbound marketing can be. I knew that, with each passing day, I had been robbing myself of leads. All it would take was one day of work to get it all moving.

About Us: How to Write the ‘Everything’ That Nobody Wants to Know

It’s often the lengthiest page on a website, and almost always trails the rest of yourcontent in hits. It’s also the most subjective, and therefore the most difficult to balance between too little or too much information. So why is the About Us or Biography section so important? How do you know if yous is effective? And, most importantly: If it’s so difficult to write and receives so few hits, why have one at all?